Antimicrobial Scales

Scales are typically deployed throughout a hospital to weigh many patients on a daily basis. These scales are often moved and shared throughout the facility, which can promote bacteria growth on high touch surfaces.

Since 2017, SR Scales has added antimicrobial technology as a standard feature on our medical scales to help reduce the growth of bacteria on the scales as part of a medical center's approach to creating a cleaner healthcare environment.

The antimicrobial product protection has been added across multiple SR medical scale product lines including stand-on scales, wheelchair scales, wall mount scales, and pediatric scales. Surface areas that contain the antimicrobial protection include the platform, handrails, stanchions, display housing, keypad, and visible labeling.

The antimicrobial technology begins to work as soon as a micro-organism comes into contact with the product surface. The technology then works continuously to maintain a consistently lower bio- burden than would be expected on a product without the antimicrobial protection.


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