Mariner Parts

SR Mariner parts are made to order, and take about a week.

June 2017 SR Mariner Product End of Life Notice:

Several discontinued SR Mariner Wind Unit parts will no longer be available:

  • The FRCM, FGMWS, and FRAG series parts are no longer available and no longer manufactured.
  • A very few number of FRAC parts are still available, but once are sold, this replacement part will not be available.

View Mariner Manuals
Name SKU Buy
Masthead for AW FGMAW Store
Clamp ring FRCLPRNG Store
Dummy plug for Thru hull fitting FRDP1 Store
Transducer, Standard FRDT1 Store
Transducer w/cable, NAV FRDT10 Store
Transducer, NAV 5 FRDT5 Store
Instrument Cover FRICW2 Store
Cockpit cover for NAV units FRICW5 Store
Log reset boots for KLs FRLOGBOOT Store
Thru hull fitting FRTH1 Store
2 Wire Transmitter FRTR5 Store
3 Wire Transmitter FRTR1 Store
Transmitter, NAV FRTR10 Store
3 Pin Transmitter FRTR1E5 Store
Impeller and pin FRTR1R Store
Wind vane FRWV Store
Gasket for sealing thru hull fitting FRORING Store
Cable assy, 2 ft, 2 cond, female FRC0202F Store
Cable assy, 2 ft, 2 cond, male FRC0202M Store
Cable assy, 2 ft, 4 cond, female FRC0204F Store
Cable assy, 2 ft, 4 cond, male FRC0204M Store
Cable assy, 2 ft, 7 cond, female FRC0207F Store
Cable assy, 2 ft, 7 cond, male FRC0207M Store
Cable assy, 20 ft, 4 cond, male FRC2004 Store
Cable assy, 30 ft, 3 cond, male FRC3003 Store
35' 7 conductor w/2connector FRC3507 Store
65' 2, male w/connector FRC6502 Store
65' 4 conductor w/connector FRC6504 Store
Cable assy, 65 ft, 7 cond, male/female FRC6507 Store