Mariner Parts

SR Mariner parts are made to order, and take about a week.

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Name SKU Buy
Mast Assembly Unit FRCM Store
Masthead for AW FGMAW Store
Wind Speed Masthead FGMWS Store
Anemometer cups/hardware FRAC Store
Anemometer generator FRAG Store
Clamp ring FRCLPRNG Store
Dummy plug for Thru hull fitting FRDP1 Store
Transducer, Standard FRDT1 Store
Transducer w/cable, NAV FRDT10 Store
Transducer, NAV 5 FRDT5 Store
Instrument Cover FRICW2 Store
Cockpit cover for NAV units FRICW5 Store
Meter case, AWS-2 FRMC1-AWS2 Store
Meter case, AWS-4 FRMC1-AWS4 Store
Meter case, AWS-10 FRMC1-AWS10 Store
Meter case, DMM-1 FRMC1-DMM1 Store
Meter case, DMM-4 FRMC1-DMM4 Store
Meter case, DKL-5 FRMC1-DKL5 Store
Meter case, DKT-5 FRMC1-DKT5 Store
Meter case, DM-1 FRMC1-DM1 Store
Meter case, DM-1C FRMC1-DM1C Store
Meter case, KT-5 FRMC1-KT5 Store
Meter case, SD-5 FRMC1-SD5 Store
Meter case, KL-1 FRMC2-KL1 Store
Meter case, KL-5 FRMC2-KL5 Store
Log reset books for KLs FRLOGBOOT Store
Thru hull fitting FRTH1 Store
2 Wire Transmitter FRTR5 Store
3 Wire Transmitter FRTR1 Store
Transmitter, NAV FRTR10 Store
3 Pin Transmitter FRTR1E5 Store
Impeller and pin FRTR1R Store
Wind vane FRWV Store
Mast Unit for AW-1 FGMAW Store
4 Piece GSKT, Meter case bezel FRSEALRING Store
Gasket for sealing thru hull fitting FRORING Store
Cable assy, 2 ft, 2 cond, female FRC0202F Store
Cable assy, 2 ft, 2 cond, male FRC0202M Store
Cable assy, 2 ft, 4 cond, female FRC0204F Store
Cable assy, 2 ft, 4 cond, male FRC0204M Store
Cable assy, 2 ft, 7 cond, female FRC0207F Store
Cable assy, 2 ft, 7 cond, male FRC0207M Store
Cable assy, 20 ft, 4 cond, male FRC2004M Store
Cable assy, 30 ft, 3 cond, male FRC3003M Store
35' 7 conductor w/2connector FRC3507 Store
65' 2, male w/connector FRC6502 Store
65' 4 conductor w/connector FRC6504 Store
Cable assy, 65 ft, 7 cond, male/female FRC6507 Store