Medical Scales

Weight monitoring and management have become crucial in today's healthcare practices. SR Instruments has been providing accurate weight data for medical professionals for decades. Our accurate and long-lasting medical scales have been proven in daily use at hospitals, long-term care centers, and other healthcare facilities.

Recently, we incorporated Microban antimicrobial product protection across our entire medical scale line-up of stand-on scales, wheelchair scales, and wall mount scales.

For care givers, SR Scales are safe to use. For patients, SR Scales are easy to use, with features built in to provide support and comfort. And for hospital purchasing managers and biomedical engineers, SR's line of quality scales ensure long-lasting, maintenance-free products that provide years of reliable service.

We invite you to explore the many products we offer, from basic stand-on scales to large hospital stretcher scales.

Starting with our traditional products such as pediatric scales, portion scales, to physician office stand-on scales and wheelchair scales, our weighing solutions provide reliable weight information for every patient requirement.

Beyond our standard products, SR’s engineering team has worked with facility managers in developing custom solutions for unique applications. Projects have ranged from building smaller devices such as wireless scales and visiting nurse scales, to large capacity weighing systems such as in-floor dialysis scales.

So whether you’re looking for a high-quality off-the shelf solution or a custom weighing platform, SR Scales can meet your requirements for a USA designed, manufactured, and purpose-built medical scale.