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Choosing the Right Wall Mount Scale for Your Application

Just like there are various types of stand-on scales and wheelchair scales to meet specific weighing requirements, so too, hospital staff can select from a number of wall mount scale designs to meet their weighing applications. SR Scales provides hospital systems, long-term care facilities, and dialysis centers with the largest selection of wall mount scale products available that address specific weighing needs of these facilities.

  • Wall mount scales for in-room patient weighing. The SR7005i is the newest and smallest wall mount scale available from SR Instruments. It can be used for weighing ambulatory patients in a private room or can be located in a medical office hallway. In both these settings, space is a premium and the low profile scale takes up less than three inches of wall space when not in use. When needed, the platform is easily lowered to the floor and ready to take a weight. Compared to a bulky balance beam scale or an older digital stand-on scale this new, low rise platform wall mount scale provides robust functionality with digital accuracy and always-on display.

  • Mini Wall Mount Scale

  • Mini Wall Mount ScaleWall mount scales for weighing patients in bariatric wheelchairs. As the average weight in the US population has increased, bariatric products and care are more readily available to meet these patient requirements. So too, medical weighing equipment has evolved to provide specific scales designed to meet the needs of bariatric patients. For example, SR Scales has designed its wall mount wheelchair scale, the SR7000i, to not only weigh patients in a standard wheelchair, but the scale easily accommodates the extra wide measurements (24" x 40") and weight capacity (1,000 lbs) to comfortably and easily weigh patients in bariatric wheelchairs.

  • Wall mount scales that weigh ambulance gurneys. Today's active emergency departments also require weighing systems to quickly and efficiently obtain a patient's weight upon arrival. Extra Large Hospital Stretcher ScaleNew emergency department designs are now more frequently incorporating large platform wall mount scales, such as the SR7010i Ambulance Gurney Scale directly in their emergency department entry ways. These scales allow ambulance crews to quickly obtain a patient's weight as soon as they get off the ambulance. Then after the patient has been transferred for treatment, the ambulance crew can weigh their equipment (less patient) to give the tare weight to attending personnel. A built-in printer option on the ambulance gurney wall mount scale can easily provide written documentation for the crews to hand to the hospital staff for patient weight data entry.

  • Larger hospital stretchers need extra-large wall mount scales. As hospital stretchers have grown in size over the past few decades, the need to weigh a patient in these stretchers has not diminished, but rather increased. To help address the need for weighing patients in these larger hospital stretchers, SR Scales has designed the largest wall mount scale currently on the market with its SR7020i Extra Large Hospital Stretcher Scale. Typically placed in hospital hallway areas where there is sufficient space to roll a stretcher with patient onto the platform, these scales have grown in popularity as an alternative to patient lift scales which are more cumbersome to obtain a patient weight. Some hospitals have also installed these scales in their emergency room departments to handle a variety of weighing applications.
Extra Large Hospital Stretcher Scale

As you consider adding a wall mount scale to your facility, you can rest assured that this type of platform scale is durable, robust, here to stay, and has plenty of designs to meet your weighing requirements.