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SR241SO Portable Adult Scale

SR241SO Scale

The SR241SO is the adult weighing platform only of the SR241 combination pediatric scale. The SR241 is comprised of the stand-on adult weighing platform and a detachable infant weighing cradle.

The SR241SO by itself can be used to weigh both adults up to 400 Lbs (181 kilograms at 0.1KG/100 gram resolution), as well as infants up to 44 Lbs with 0.01KG/10 gram resolution. The scale features a tare function that when activated, can zero out the weight of an adult standing on the base platform. An infant can then be held by the adult and the infant mode weigh button can be activated to obtain just the infant’s weight. This makes the SR241SO a valuable tool when needing a travel-ready, rugged scale that can weigh both infants and adults.

The SR241SO Portable Adult Scale is a unique portable scale system that is lightweight (4 pounds) and weather resistant. This scale is specialized for use in physicians’ offices and is also perfect for traveling nurse applications. The optional Soft-Sided Carry Case protects the scale and facilitates its portability. Four load cells ensure accurate and repeatable weight readings.

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Product Variants
GTIN SKU Manual Description
00849987000029 SR241SO Manual SO
Product Info
Dimensions (Inches) 14" x 12" x 2.1"
Gross Weight (Pounds) 12 lbs / 5.5kg
Net Weight (Pounds) 12 lbs / 5.5kg
Key Features
  • Light Weight - Weighs only 4 pounds. Built in carrying handle.
  • Heavy Duty - Injection molded out of high strength. impact resistant plastic
  • Weather Tight - The entire scale is designed with the visiting nurse in mind. So a little rain or snow is just fine.
  • Easily Cleaned - There are no hidden crevices or dirt catching seams. The entire scale can easily be cleaned to mitigate cross contamination issues and ensure your safety as well.
  • Weigh both adults and infants on the same scale.
  • Weigh babies up to 44 pounds and adults up to 400 pounds.
  • Battery Power - A single 9vDC alkaline battery provides up to 3000 weigh cycles.
  • Carrying Case*
  • *May have optional equipment - see product brochure for details