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SR300 Series Gram Scale

SR300 Series Scale
SR300 Series

When your weighing needs require gram accuracy, the SR300 Series is the right tool for the job. Available in four different weight ranges, the SR300 Series can handle a variety of tasks from nutritional portion measurements to sub-gram measurements for tracking neonate diaper output. Constructed of high impact plastic the SR300 Series is as durable as it is functional.

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Product Variants
GTIN SKU Manual Description
00849987000043 SR300 Manual -
00849987001453 SR300G Manual Gram only
00849987000050 SR310 Manual -
00849987001507 SR310G Manual Gram only
00849987001422 SR320 Manual -
00849987001439 SR320G Manual Gram only
00849987001408 SR325 Manual -
00849987001415 SR325G Manual Gram only
Product Info
SKU SR300 Series
Dimensions (Inches) 4" x 11" x 9"
Gross Weight (Pounds) 2 lbs
Net Weight (Pounds) 2 lbs
Key Features
  • SR300 - 2000 grams x 1 gram resolution
  • SR310 - 200 grams x 0.1 gram resolution
  • SR320 - 5000 grams x 1 gram resolution
  • SR325 - 500 grams x 0.1 gram resolution
  • Battery Operated - 4 "AA" batteries
  • Auto Power Down (APD) approximately 120 seconds
  • Optional: AC power supply, plastic bowl

*May have optional equipment - see product brochure for details